Developed in India 2,500 years ago, Thai massage made its way to Thailand.  This courses takes the deep yoga stretches out of traditional Thai massage which
along with the rhythmic pressure makes up the main elements of Thai massage and
teaches therapists how to integrate these into there other massage routines.

A trained Thai massage therapist stretches a person with specific, assisted yoga

Thai massage is often called the “lazy man’s yoga” because it can accomplish many of
the benefits of yoga, but it allows the patient’s body to be passive during the
stretches. That’s not to say that it is only effective for those that don’t
exercise often. Athletes seek out Thai massage, and it is incorporated in many
sports massage practices. Thai massage can loosen muscles, open joints, and
move energy in a way that even the most active people can’t do without
assistance, allowing them to go that extra step in their stretches. Similar to
yoga, when the patient is held in a pose, blood slows to the targeted area.
When the massage therapist releases the pose, fresh circulation rushes back
into that area, improving movement of qi and blood. Twisting and inverted Thai
yoga massage positions, such as a spinal twist, are particularly effective in
renewing circulation. Inverted poses, in particular, can help with lymphatic
drainage, the return of blood to the heart, and digestion.

This form of massage is also an excellent option for those with serious injury or
chronic pain conditions. Pregnant women make up another demographic that can greatly benefit from Thai massage. Thai
yoga massage is similar to pre-natal yoga and can accomplish some of the same
things. It can get the hips open and ready for birth, and can also
significantly loosen other muscles that may be overcompensating during
pregnancy, like those in the chest and back. Thai massage is performed while
the patient is fully clothed in loose garments or integrated into another
massage routine such as Swedish or Deep tissue massage.

This massage is completely about comfort, both during and after the actual massage,
as the lasting effects provide a release of emotional as well as muscle

This is an advanced one day course for qualified massage Therapists wishing to develop their skills further.