If there is a course you would like to study that doesn’t match your availability please get in touch and we will do our best to run one on a suited date.

For groups we can also travel to you and deliver the course in your venue.



Introduction to Massage for Beginners £110 or £200 per couple

Fortnightly workshops available. Please contact us for dates.

Couples vouchers available.

Tuesday the 20th of February, (Reserved for valentine’s day gift vouchers)

Saturday the 17th of February,(Reserved for valentine’s day gift vouchers)

Sunday the 18th of February, (Reserved for valentine’s day gift vouchers)

Warm Bamboo Massage £150

Tuesday the 29th of August,

Thursday the 21st of September,

Thursday the 12th of October,

Tuesday the 7th of November,

Thursday the 9th of November,

Thursday the 7th of December,

Thursday the 11th of January,

Thursday the 1st of February,

Thursday the 1st of March,

Tuesday the 27th of March,

Deep Tissue Massage £150

Thursday the 5th of October,

Tuesday the 23rd of November,

Tuesday the 16th of January,

Tuesday the 13th of February,

Tuesday the 13th of March,

Thai Herbal Poultice Massage £150

Thursday the 14th of September,

Tuesday the 3rd of October,

Tuesday the 14th of November,

Tuesday the 5th of December,

Thursday the 4th of January,

Tuesday the 6th of February,

Tuesday the 6th of March,

Thursday the 29th of March,

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage £150

Tuesday the 26th of September,

Tuesday the 30th of October,

Thursday the 16th of November,

Saturday the 9th of December,

Thursday the 18th of January,

Integrated Thai Yoga Massage Stretches £200

Coming 2018

Facial Massage £150

Tuesday the 7th of November,

Saturday the 2nd of December,

Tuesday the 23rd of January,

Thursday the 15th of February,

Thursday the 15th of March,

Indian Head Massage £350

This is a 4 day FHT Accredited course.

(17th&19th of October and 28th&30th of November)

25th&30th of January and 22nd&27th of February

20th&22nd of March and 17th &19th of April.

Hot Stone Massage £150 Thursday the 28th of September, 

Tuesday the 21st of November,

Tuesday the 12th of December,

Tuesday the 9th of January,

Thursday the 8th of February,

Thursday the 8th of March,

Swedish Massage with Anatomy and Physiology, Undergraduate practitioner course.

Coming 2018

Massage in a healthcare Setting £200

Tuesday 6th of February 2018

Continuing throughout 2018

Pregnancy Massage £150

Tuesday 13th of February 2018

Continuing throughout 2018

Baby Massage Instructors course £230

Coming 2018

Advanced Massage £150

Coming 2018