Clinical Aromatherapy- Currently no further dates scheduled.

As per the core curriculum training standards for the UK aromatherapy
profession as set out by the Aromatherapy council a course may not
advertise itself as teaching aromatherapy in any period less than 10 months
if it wishes to be recognised either by the profession or the regulators for

Where a course offers the required contact hours in class over say a two
week period, but the rest of the theory and learning is by modular distance
learning, it must state this from the outset, clearly demonstrating that the
course cannot be completed from start to assessment date in less than ten
Our Clinical Aromatherapy course gives the required contact, distance learning and home study hours.

In summery this course consists of:

12 Homework Assignments
60 Aromatherapy treatments
157 Hours class time (Blended learning).

Class time runs 10am-12.30pm and 1.30pm-5pm

This course runs for 18 contact days over 11 months (2 days per month) starting in September and running 2 Days per month between September to May with 2 months following classes to complete practical and written assignments and study.
One Day in July for Exams.

Course cost breakdown;

Clinical Aromatherapy with Body Massage £1,300

Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Health and Safety for Massage Therapists £155

Full Course cost £1,455

Dates to be confirmed

A more intricate breakdown of our course structure can be seen below.

•Aromatherapy: Applied Aromatherapy (inc. massage log/case studies)
80 Hours.
Consisting of 23 x 3.5 hour practical massage classes.

120 Hours
Case studies should be performed as home study.

Each case study treatment should be composed of a 60 minute treatment, 20 minute consultation and 40 minute write log/write up time equating to 2 hours per treatment.

The Core Curriculum requires 60 aromatherapy treatments grouped as case studies (see the definition of a case study below) set out as follows:
• 6 treatments on 6 people with aroma therapy massage (Total of 36
treatments) Allowing 2 hours total work time per treatment. Total 72 Hours

• 15 treatments made up of other combinations with aromatherapy massage
(For example Massage and a holistic facial with aromatherapy.)
Allowing 2 hours total work time per treatment. Total 30 Hours

• 9 treatments made up inhalations, blending of creams/lotions for external
use (For example a student may blend essential oils into an oil and give to a
client for home use. For students holding qualifications in other complementary therapy modalities aromatherapy can be delivered with there, for example, reflexology or inhalations administered with breath work with guided relaxation)
Allowing 2 hours total work time per treatment. Total 18 Hours

•Theory of Aromatherapy
70 Hours.
Consisting of 20 x 3.5 hour classes
80 Hours
Consisting of 10 home assignments on the theory of Aromatherapy.
8 hours per assignment is given for research and writing.

•Therapeutic Relationships
Consisting of 2×3.5 Hour classes on therapeutic relationships.
10 Hours
Consisting of 2 home assignments on therapeutic relationships.
5 hours per assignment is given for research and writing.