Level 3 (equivalent of SCQF level 7) Practitioners Diploma in Therapeutic Body Massage (Including Oncology (Cancer) massage)

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Starting September 2023-SOLD OUT 

23rd/24th of September 2023 (In class)
7th/8th of October 2023 (In class)
11th/12th of November 2023 (In class)
2nd/3rd of December 2023 (In class)
1st/2nd of June 2024 Exam/Oncology massage weekend. 9.30am start. (In class)
Following this we have our January 2024 course open for booking. 
The class dates are as follows;
January 2024 Intake -LIMITED PLACES LEFT
13th/14th of January 2024 (In class)
17th/18th of February 2024 (In class)
16th/17th of March 2024 (In class)
13th/14th of April 2024 (In class)
5 months of self study for case studies
21st and 22nd of September 2024 Exam/Oncology massage weekend. 9.30am start. (In class)
This course can be booked by filling out the questions required and paying your non refundable deposit via our direct scheduling link here; 
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Our beginners course is our Level 3 Diploma in Therapeutic massage and this includes study of Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology and oncology massage.
Our Undergraduate training program is for beginners wishing to train to become professional massage therapists. This is mapped to UK national occupational standards and is level 3 giving you a good standard to gain insurance and employment or advance to further study. 
To book your place please click the “Book now” button on the right to fill book your place and fill out your contact form. £250 Deposit required to book your place which will be deducted from your course fees and is non refundable. 

Study to become a professional Massage Therapist. 

The Level 3 (SCQF Level 7 equivalent) Practitioners Diploma in Therapeutic Body Massage course is designed to provide fully comprehensive training in how to deliver safe and professional massage treatments that are both commercially acceptable and performed in accordance with legislation and establishment rules.

What is Therapeutic massage?

Therapeutic massage is a general term that describes any type of massage modality that helps a person therapeutically, this may be by relieving pain, reduce stress, or aiding a specific problem. Rather than one modality such as Swedish massage students will be trained to become good therapists who will apply a combination specific techniques and the right amount of pressure to address a need, sometimes that may be a firmer pressure and sometimes that’s a lighter touch.

Some of the techniques students are taught on this course are derived from modalities such as;

  • Neuromuscular massage
  • Soft tissue massage
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Relaxation massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

If students with to become advanced therapists or advertise as a massage therapist in Deep Tissue Massage or Trigger point therapy they can advance to these specialised qualifications.


Once you have successfully passed this massage course, you will be a fully qualified massage Therapist who can gain insurance and set up your own business or gain employment within the industry whether that may be in spas, salons, private clinics, community health projects, cruise ships, hospital or hospices.

Oncology Massage

Massage treatments need to be adapted to make a treatment safe and appropriate for someone affected by cancer. This training is very important to enable therapists to adapt a treatment with confidence.

At the Glasgow School of Massage with believe that it is time that people affected by cancer are no longer excluded from massage as they have been for a long time but instead therapists seek additional training to include. That is why every student qualifying as a Massage Therapist will have an oncology massage qualification and this is integrated into our courses.

Whilst enrolled upon the course you will study four distinct units:

  • Body massage
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Business Practice for Complementary Therapies
  • Oncology massage -Massage with people with Cancer 

The Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology section of this course is studied and examined online.

The Anatomy and Physiology 90 hours learning and assessments.

Pathology is 30 hours of learning and assessments.

The remaining units of this course are taught over one weekend per month for 5 months (8 days).

Students then have between time to study, practice and complete 25 written massage case studies and assignments before the exam weekend. 


100% Attendance for this course is very important.


There are no prerequisites for this course but it is recommended that learners should have achieved a level of education equivalent to five Standard grades/GCSEs/National 5s at grades A-C prior to commencing the Level 3 (equivalent of SCQF level 7) Diploma in Massage, however exemptions may be made for adult returners with experience of the workplace.

If you already hold an equivalent qualification in Anatomy and physiology be excused from part of the course. Please contact us if you would like to discuss this.

Due to the amount of information covered in the course, home studies (Self research, massage practice and written essays) of approximately five hours per week will be required. 

What to bring; Students are asked to bring two large bath towels to each class. 


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be awarded an Level 3 Practitioners Diploma in Massage. You will be a fully qualified massage Therapist who can gain insurance and set up your own business or gain employment.


After gaining this qualification you will be able to progress onto study further types of specialised and advanced massage. 

For those students wishing to progress into Lymphoedema management or very specific training you may be asked to complete the VTCT Anatomy and Physiology course with an invigilated exam. This course is cost at £340 rather than the usual price of £125. 

If you are unsure if you may require this for advanced study then you can complete this course at any time if needed. 

Course Fee

The full cost of this course is £1,275.

A deposit of £250 is required to book your place on this course which is non-refundable.

The cost of the online Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology courses is £125 and must be completed before the final day of this course. 

Once you have gained acceptance onto the course these courses can be bought here.

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The remaining £900 is required one week before the course commences.

In Specialist circumstances the cost can be spread over the year paying;

Deposit of £250 to accept your place.

1st of each month every month  -£150  per month.