Deep tissue massage (DTM) is a concept mostly applying to pressure: if we apply more of it, it will penetrate deeper into the tissue if we progress from superficial to deep, apply a slower rate, add more force with our hands and forearms and use our body weight and muscle power.

This basic idea applies: if you use more pressure with your hands, it will penetrate deeper. However, there are limits to this concept which this course will cover. Client’s pain tolerance, Therapist’s endurance, Depth of certain muscle groups, Bruising of capillary beds. The challenge  is not really how to apply more pressure; the challenge is to reach the deeper layers of muscles safely without causing injury to the client or pain which causes the muscles to contract rather than relax.

This is an unaccredited one day  course. The prerequisites of this course are that the student holds an accredited body massage and anatomy and physiology certificate.

There are no written exams and no case studies are required for this course. Certificate will be given on the day on completion of a successful practical assessment.

This is a one day non accredited course costing £110.