This one day course examines the history and philosophical approaches to complementary therapies, professional and legal issues, indications and contraindications for use of complementary therapies in a healthcare setting, as well as some of the practical techniques of complementary therapies.

We will cover complementary therapies for the use with cancer and palliative patients and patients with life limiting or complex disease and conditions .

The course will be theory and practical based and will include complementary therapies such as massage, aromatherapy, guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation. These therapies have been selected to suit the scope of practice of health care professionals and also because of growing interest and usage of these complementary therapies.

This course will cover professional, cultural, ethical and legal issues regarding complementary therapies and the use of complementary therapies for specific conditions within scope of clinical practice.

We will explore the contraindications and benefits of different types of complementary therapies and you will learn a safe and gentle massage and guided imagery routine with none or few contraindications.

This is an advanced one day course for qualified massage Therapists wishing to develop their skills further.